Know, Like and Trust

Let me ask you a question: Are you on a certain marketer’s email list? You know the one – he sends out an email every day or two telling you to go check out “X” product because it’s new, revolutionary, exciting and the most amazing thing ever? Yeah, that guy. I’m on his list, too.…

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A Tale of Two Men

For over a week now I have had a nagging itch at the back of my mind; one that rubs against my ethical bone and whispers to my best judgment like a nerdy sister clap-trapping the virtues of an even nerdier friend of hers for which I have no interest. The itch is demanding a…

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Build a Brand – They Will Care

The Internet has been compared to a vast desert in which thousands of signs are sticking up out of the ground.  The desert is vast and growing.  The plethora of signs crowd in upon each other creating a plane of signs, one indistinguishable from the other. In this analogy two things for a start up web business…

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